Ok I don't bust out my fake moustache often, but I just wanted to make you click on that picture. Welcome to my blog about Indian design. Think India, and you might conjure up an image of elephants, coconut trees, and brightly coloured saris. Sure, these are all genuine snapshots of India, but just as Britain isn't just red double-decker buses, the Union Jack flag, and Mary Poppins, there is much more to India than rainbow hues and jewelled fabrics. 

India still has a thriving ancient tradition of artisans who paint miniature masterpieces in Rajasthan or weave bamboo chairs in Kerala, but there are a whole new bunch of artists and designers making exciting mash-ups of old and new. These artists are quirky, innovative, funny - and they like breaking the rules. 

And me? I grew up hopping between India and England, and I love them equally. I’m a science nerd by day and a design junkie by night. Good design makes my heart sing. 

- Priya

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