Saturday, June 9, 2012


I should really call this post "What I Do When I'm Procrastinating". Just 24 hours to go until an intensive 3-week-long work trip to Indonesia, and instead of checking I've got my notebooks and dictaphone, I'm rearranging my bathroom shelf.

I have an excuse though - I just picked up these two blue saucers from Portobello market and they seem pretty happy holding my jingly jangly gold Indian-style jewellery. The ceramic saucers are European by design, but the saucer in the top left corner looked Rajasthani to me as I walked past the stall, even though it's apparently over a hundred years old, and hung out in some old English dude's manor house until recently. Oh and those cute silver circle earrings just about visible in the top right corner were made by my lovely flatmate and jewellery-maker extraordinaire. The earrings are mine but you can buy her other gorgeous stuff here.

Ok bathroom re-organised. Back to my packing. Sob.

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