Thursday, February 28, 2013


As a rule, I love design that packs a punch. Giant prints seem much more contemporary to me than the slightly old lady-ish delicate patterns. Indian-born painter Shirin Sahba has totally busted my preconceptions with her paintings that are like miniatures blown up. Sahba (who looks like a 1960s film star herself, check out pics of her below) and her husband have lived all over the world, and her art is inspired by places like Morocco, India and China, all of which have a long history of intricately detailed artwork. It's fitting that for her own apartment in Beijing, she commissioned an Indian miniature artist to draw an enormous painting that hangs over her bed. Check out more of her art here, and ogle her apartment here. If you want to buy her paintings, and I guarantee you'll covet most of them when you see them, email Shirin directly.

'Wanderlust grips the Maharani'


Shirin Sahba
Sahba's Beijing apartment, featured on Design Sponge.

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