Monday, March 18, 2013


I'm feeling all things tribal at the moment. This chunky red and blue necklace (right) I picked up in Jaipur last year has been getting a lot of wear as it seems to go with pretty much anything (excuse the shoddy image of my jewellery stand but a combo of lack of sleep and no proper camera mean that my photo skillz aren't up to scratch today). 

So I'm super excited about the Asia House Fair next month in London as it showcases products from around Asia (mostly northern Asia - India and China, and countries along the old Silk Route). There will be a whole bunch of artists and designers, but I'm particularly excited about the Adivasi Arts Trust, who showcase little-seen tribal art from around India, and Sweetlime, who make the sexist tribal meets contemporary gold jewellery.  

£575, Sweetlime

£92, Sweetlime
£147, Sweetlime

Adivasi Arts Trust

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