Sunday, May 6, 2012


WETHEPPL is the brainchild of a groovy group of Mumbai hipsters. They're sort of like a bunch of mad, creative scientists who experiment with ideas on fashion, music, and poetry, amongst other things. And their latest spin on Indian textiles is making me hyperventilate with its gorgeousness. First up, check out this buttery soft shirt called the 'Camiz'. 

It mixes up the group's "favourite elements of the lightest shirt, kurta, and sweatshirt." Depending on the style you want to rock, you could be The Doctor, the Architect, the Writer, the Professor, the Engineer, the Ninja - or if you want to work the dead celeb vibe, go for Che Guevara or Michael Jackson. 

That was just a taster. Now, one of WETHEPPL's fashion lines NorBlack NorWhite has just launched its spring line full of these heart-stopping pretties. So far, they've only been stocking their goodies in India, Japan and Canada, but world domination probably isn't too far away. 

Ok this next one's cheating because it was from Autumn-Winter 2011, but it's too lush to leave out. 


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