Thursday, May 10, 2012


I lived in Mumbai in 2010, which sounds cool except I was stuck in the not-so-cool northern suburb of Andheri. Bandra is where it's at. It's a tiny little area jam-packed with more shops, restaurants, and bars than you'd know what to do with and in most cafes in the middle of the day, you'd find a motley crew of musicians singing their latest compositions to each others, grumpy writers bashing on their laptops, and out-of-work actors gossiping about why Pinky made it into the latest Bollywood blockbuster and Bunty didn't. I love it. In my near-daily pilgrimage to Bandra, I almost always stopped at Attic, a teeny tiny store that has madly colourful mix of fashion, baubles, and home stuff.  

Check out this necklace they've just got in their store. I want it now!

ps: if you're ever in Bandra, have a drink and bite to eat in one of my favourite places ever - the Pali Village Cafe. It's all vintage greeny-blue inside, wrought iron, and sparkly lamps. I could seriously live there. 

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